The Garmin GNS430W/530W – Instrument Holds and Approaches App gives you approximately 40 minutes of exciting video showing actual holds and approaches using the GNS530W flown in a Cessna 172 in San Diego’s Terminal Area, including reference approach plates, IFR checklists and a 10 question quiz to test your knowledge. We provide a detailled explanation of every phase of a hold and approach. The App provides you easy to understand real life scenarios.


  • Hold Entries and Procedure Turns
  • Staying in a hold
  • Loading and activating approaches on the Garmin GNS430W/530W
  • Activating approach legs
  • Flying LNAV, LNAV+V, LNAV/VNAV, LPV and ILS approaches using the Garmin GNS430W/530W
  • Missed approach procedures
  • Common errors using the Garmin GNS430W/530W
  • A 10 question quiz about the 430/530
  • IFR en-route and approach checklists



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