The “Flying the Garmin GTN 650/750” App gives you 75 minutes of HD video including Basic Set-Up and Com/Nav Features, Map Set-Up, Main Menu Features, Flight Plan Menu Options, Waypoint Info Options, Flight Planning & Utilities, VFR Flight Scenarios, IFR Flight Scenarios, and 430/530/650/750 Differences. Updated to software version 6.5, featuring visual approaches to any runway and QWERTY keyboard option.

Additional features are:
– Included charts
– Three useful calculators
– A comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge.
The video sections include:
–  Configuration and Set-Up for Maximum Usability
–  Nav & Com use
–  Creating and Editing Flight Plans
–  Flying RNAV Departure Procedures
–  En-route Functions
–  Emergency Use of the GPS
–  RNAV Arrival Procedures
–  Differences between the GNS 430/530 and GTN 650/750


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